Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teddy Bear Frenzy

Mom and I went buying teddy bear like maniacs today. Hahah. Actually I wonder why she let me buy all these teddies, but anyway... I'm so happy despite the tiny bit of guilt for spending so much money on teddies on one day. BTW, I paid most of them with my own pocket money, mom just chipped in a bit, so yeah.

Viktor (with the CUTE glasses), Shuffles (brown), Snowy (white), Tiny (on Viktor's lap), Olive (blue dress), Bow (dark brown with pink bow), Mai (with Santa hat), BlueLovebear the keychain and a blue handphone pouch.

I also bought this...

As the box says, it's a DIY bear aka a bear making kit. Inside there's the pattern, fur, stuffing, needles and instruction. I guess this could be fulfilling one of my 101 things... if only I get around to actually sew it. Hahah.

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