Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Blog, and Bunny

So I decided to create a blog for my bear house. It's probably much easier this way. Anyway, here goes the newest teddy in my family:

This is Bunny. And before you argue he's not a bear, I can assure you he's a bear. A very special one too. As his tag says: 60th Edition in The Bearista Bear Collection. Yups. He's a Starbucks Bearista, latest edition for Easter 2007. So that explains why he's dressed up as a bunny, doesn't it? ;)

He has a sister too... but mom wouldn't let me buy the two of 'em. I'll be looking forward to actually buying her too though! Hehehe :D

Oh, and for the record, I bought him at Starbucks Pondok Indah Mall for 135,000 rupiahs.