Monday, March 19, 2007

Photo Albums

Also bought at Carrefour today, here are two photo albums adorned with teddy bear pics. The brown one holds 40 pictures and the blue one holds 100. What's cute about the blue one is that the back cover actually shows the back of the two teddies...

Classic Bear Notebook #1

I actually have several notebooks in the same series but haven't got around to photograph them. Just bought this one at Carrefour today.

Sports Bag - new category :)

So I created a new category called bear essentials. This category will showcase all of my teddy bear related items which are not teddy bears. For example, here is a sports bag, along with a matching sport towel. What makes it REALLY cute, though, is how the prints are pictures of teddy bears doing sport activities :)

This was bought in a stand at Carrefour Lebak Bulus today.

Ducky, Froggy and Honey

Ducky the white bear dressed as a duck, Froggy the brown bear dressed as a frog and Honey the honey brown bear... Yes, I lack of imagination in naming, but they like it so who cares :P

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teddy Bear Frenzy

Mom and I went buying teddy bear like maniacs today. Hahah. Actually I wonder why she let me buy all these teddies, but anyway... I'm so happy despite the tiny bit of guilt for spending so much money on teddies on one day. BTW, I paid most of them with my own pocket money, mom just chipped in a bit, so yeah.

Viktor (with the CUTE glasses), Shuffles (brown), Snowy (white), Tiny (on Viktor's lap), Olive (blue dress), Bow (dark brown with pink bow), Mai (with Santa hat), BlueLovebear the keychain and a blue handphone pouch.

I also bought this...

As the box says, it's a DIY bear aka a bear making kit. Inside there's the pattern, fur, stuffing, needles and instruction. I guess this could be fulfilling one of my 101 things... if only I get around to actually sew it. Hahah.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heavy, Mandarin and Oddball

Got some hand-me-downs from my 'sis' Lidya today... the most bizzare looking teddies ever! But yet still of course incredibly cute :P

Please welcome Heavy (the pink coloured one), Mandarin (Orange) and Oddball (Yellow with grey tummy and pink nose)!!

PS: sorry for the lack of update. Actually I have got some more bears during the course of the neglect... but a bit too late to post them now, right? They'll show up in the profiles though. I wonder if I should just do the profiles here in the blog as well, it would be so much easier.

PSS: I also have new display cases for the bears. They're loving it as much as I do :)

Friday, March 2, 2007


No, actually I won't argue that Mumble is a bear. It is very obvious that he is indeed a penguin. And not just any penguin, he's the star of the movie Happy Feet!!
Hahah. Everyone, please welcome lil Mumble to the family!

Why is there a penguin at Coco's Bear House? Because I've decided that the bear friends (such as Mumble the Penguin) deserve a spot on the net as well.

Mumble here is a free gift I got for pre-ordering the original Happy Feet DVD. And let me tell you a little secret... I only pre-ordered because I wanted to get Mumble!! Seriously. I don't usually buy original DVDs when they're fresh. They're waaay to expensive. And I would never ever actually buy an original DVD for a cartoon movie! Duh. So yeah, I guess you could consider that Mumble costs 185,000 rupiah, which is the cost of the DVD :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Blog, and Bunny

So I decided to create a blog for my bear house. It's probably much easier this way. Anyway, here goes the newest teddy in my family:

This is Bunny. And before you argue he's not a bear, I can assure you he's a bear. A very special one too. As his tag says: 60th Edition in The Bearista Bear Collection. Yups. He's a Starbucks Bearista, latest edition for Easter 2007. So that explains why he's dressed up as a bunny, doesn't it? ;)

He has a sister too... but mom wouldn't let me buy the two of 'em. I'll be looking forward to actually buying her too though! Hehehe :D

Oh, and for the record, I bought him at Starbucks Pondok Indah Mall for 135,000 rupiahs.