Friday, March 2, 2007


No, actually I won't argue that Mumble is a bear. It is very obvious that he is indeed a penguin. And not just any penguin, he's the star of the movie Happy Feet!!
Hahah. Everyone, please welcome lil Mumble to the family!

Why is there a penguin at Coco's Bear House? Because I've decided that the bear friends (such as Mumble the Penguin) deserve a spot on the net as well.

Mumble here is a free gift I got for pre-ordering the original Happy Feet DVD. And let me tell you a little secret... I only pre-ordered because I wanted to get Mumble!! Seriously. I don't usually buy original DVDs when they're fresh. They're waaay to expensive. And I would never ever actually buy an original DVD for a cartoon movie! Duh. So yeah, I guess you could consider that Mumble costs 185,000 rupiah, which is the cost of the DVD :)

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